Be your own boss and become a self-employed Fielder for Fields Footwear. You can work the way you want with flexible hours by joining us today. Sell to friends, family and other mothers in your play group or crèche.


One way is to Recommend a Friend (click) where you can accumulate 10% off for every friend that makes a purchase; what’s great is they also get 10% off just for being recommended. So recommend 10 friends and get a free pair!


The entrepreneurial way is to get the Fielder Fitting Pack. The pack contains 10 pairs of shoes all different sizes, styles and colours.  That is like having a stockroom with over 1000 pairs in stock. Also in the pack you will receive a handy carry case, baseball cap and t-shirt and your own log in to the web page to make orders. So get ready to organise coffee mornings, school fairs, parents evening and where ever else your entrepreneurial imagination can take you.


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Cost of the Fielder Fitting Pack is only £150 with an actual value of £300. This cost will be recouped after the first 20 pairs sold, but if you are struggling sell only 6 pairs of the shoes direct to clients and you have your money back.

All other orders made from that customer will credit your account.