Fields Footwear shoes are made from soft, high-quality leathers, metallics, and suedes, and are thus subject to the elements.

We recommend you protect your leather and suede shoes before your child wears them for the first time to extend the life of the shoes. Spray a non-toxic water repellent spray onto new shoes to protect them and make them easier to clean.


Simply wipe clean with a damp cotton cloth and allow to air dry. If a stain remains, you can also try baby wipes or mild soap and water.

With time (and crawling and toddling), colors may lose intensity and particular areas may appear faded due to knocks or scratches. This is normal! Polishing with a colorless leather cream will help prolong their life and may remove unwanted scuffs and scrapes.


If suede becomes wet, allow to air dry. Once dry, the suede can be brushed to release any dirt and to re-fluff the pile. For dry stains, rub a suede eraser back and forth over the discolored area until the mark disappears.